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Previous Members, Associated Members, and Visitors

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Alan Furness Arthur Lord Barry Coyston
Barry Thomas Bernie Lewin Brian Larwood
Brian Severn Colin Ching Dan Reece
Dave Goldswain David Gollin David Nightingale
Don Brazier Fran Oakey (V) Gary Bond
Harrison Evans Ian Holliday Ian Povey
Keith Dunsdon Keith Hutchings Ken Adams
Ken Winters Louis Vaisey Mac Winter
Mark Windless Mel Crocker Mike Dunn
Mike Hammond Mike Sheppard (V) Nigel Harper
Nikki Letchford Norman Whitfield Oliver Hawkins
Pete Bryant Peter Dicker Peter Gargan
Peter Oram Peter Soffe P.Ford-Hutchinson
Richard Densham Roger Perris Ron Miller
Steve Withers Terry Jenkins Terry Spurge
Tom Royle Tony Searle (V)

Views of Setley Pond and Club Events

Views around Setley Pond Photos of scale section events are on the new web site

Lists of all the old Boat Albums

(This is provided in case you can't find an album on the new site)

All Albums:
The albums are listed in alphabetic order of the album name. Normally the album name is the boat name, but it may not be if I didn't know the boat name when the first photos were taken ...sorry!

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