Hints and Tips


Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips from SRCMBC members. Some of these have been published in the Club Newsletter, others are new. Contributions are welcomed!

Presently we have:

  • Alan's Electrics: An extensive collection of articles from Alan Bond, our electronics guru. These include advice on batteries, ESC's, motors, RC switches, a Servo Slower, Sound Units, and Test Gear.
  • HMS Hood: Scratch builder and self-confessed "detail freak", David McNair-Taylor relates his experiences in entering the world of "Almost Ready to Run" models.
  • Hovercraft: Two articles from Pete Bryant; a link to a video of Fran Oakey's Griffin 600; and an account of building a Griffin 600 from Richard Reith.
  • Paul's Rope Making Machine: make your own model ropes - or simply learn how ropes are made; Paul Nixon shows you how!
  • Peter's Toolbox: tips from Peter Oram's newsletter series.
  • Peter Taylor's Stumblings: including a smoke generator, converting to 2.4GHz, thoughts on photographing model boats, and one way of making model boat name-plates.
  • Square-Rigger Sail Control: the method of sail control used on David Edward's Square-Rigged sailing vessels, and on Reg Radley's "Pirate Brig".

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